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Halloween Treat Box


This years Halloween treat box is filled with even more fun and nutritious treats for your dog.

Camomile is used in the pack of Bats to relieve some of your Doggies anxiety over those nasty Firework noises and the Carob is packed with Magnesium which is sure to add a little extra calming kick! 

The Box is wrapped with a ribbon and contains:

1 x Spider Pupcake - Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, Oats 

1 x Decorated Calming Bats - Camomile, Carob, Oats and Honey

 1 x Decorated Pumpkin - Pumpkin and Cinnamon

1 x Packet of 10 Calming Bats - Camomile, Carob, Oats and Honey

1 x Large Personalised Spider Web - Peanut Butter and Cinnamon

1 x Scary Ghost - Peanut Butter and Cinnamon.


 If your Dog does not like Peanut Butter then we can swap out for Banana. Just choose the no option for " Peanut butter as an ingredient"

Delivery or Collection will begin Wednesday 24th of October and continue up until Halloween. Please chose the date required in the drop down menu

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Plant based food colouring - No chemical food dyes used

All 100% Natural HANDMADE decorations - No commercially bought dog treats used

Carob Powder and Coconut oil for "Dog Chocolate" - No heavily processed commercial Carob Chips used

Additive and Preservative Free

All safe and nutritious treats for your little Monster to enjoy this years Halloween Celebrations : )

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