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Doggie Truffles (Box of 9)


These Doggie Truffles are a grain free sweet that is guaranteed to make your dog know that its a special day  One of the main ingredients is Carob which is packed full of Fibre and Magnesium and the other ingredient is the wonderful Chia Seed.

Did you know that Magnesium is the calming mineral and Chia seeds have 6 times more Omega - 3 content per gram than fish! these little Truffles may just be what your Doggie needs for a healthy and peaceful Valentines Day : )

PS: I have taste tested these myself and I had to share them with Charlie as I love them so much : )

Ingredients: Peanut Butter, Carob, Chia Seeds, Honey, Coconut Oil and 1/2 are rolled in desiccated Coconut

✘ No artificial sugars, flavours or preservatives

✘ No gluten, grains or wheat

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