Guinness Book of World Record Holders for baking the Largest Dog Cake in the World
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The Ultimate Dog Birthday Party Package


Get the essentials all in one package deal for only €28 * and make their day an extra special one

It includes:

Round Cake with Age, Paw Print  and Peanut Butter/ or Banana Bones and Name - 4.5 inches

 Box of Birthday Age Cookies

 Dog customised Party hat 

 Paw Print Balloon

* Extra charge if non whole wheat option is chosen

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Peanut Butter Option: Flour, (22%), Carrots (20%), Honey (16%), Oats, Oil (10%), Peanut butter (9%), Eggs (9%),

Banana Option: Flour, (22%), Carrots (20%), Honey (16%), Oats, Oil (10%), Banana (9%), Eggs (9%),

Decoration: Variety of Icing (Doggy friendly), Chocolate (Carob), Biscuits and Colouring (Natural)

Age Cookies:

Peanut Butter Option: Flour, Peanut Butter, Ceylon Cinnamon

Banana Option: Flour, Banana, Ceylon Cinnamon

✘ No artificial sugars, flavours or preservatives

✘ No gluten or wheat ( if Rice or Coconut Flour)

Note: Needs to be ordered 5 days in advance of the desired delivery or pick up date.

Note 1  Humans may have no problem with commercial food colouring but that does not mean your Dog should have fact it should be avoided where possible. Therefore I hand make all my own food colouring produced only from natural sources eg Red Cabbage, Beetroot, Carob, Tumeric, Spinach, Kale etc. so that you can be guaranteed that no toxic chemicals are in your Dog Cake.

This may mean that you do not have the brightest coloured cake but you are guaranteed that it is natural and most!

Note 2  I also hand make my own icing from sources such as Tapioca Flour, Potato Extract, Vanilla, Yogurt Powder, Malt extract etc. I originally bought in pre made dog friendly icing for my first few cakes but I could not stand over the contents. Therefore I put my Scientific hat on ( it has been a while !!) and experimented until I developed an icing that hardens like royal icing but without the sugar and unknown ingredients.....but best of all....Dogs love it! ( ...however I have found a trusted natural premix with similar ingredients that I use for large orders)

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