Guinness Book of World Record Holders for baking the Largest Dog Cake in the World
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About Us


My name is Jacqueline Griffin and I launched Premium Canine t/a Charlies Dog Bakery, in January 2016. I bake in registered Kitchens in Co. Cork which are kitted out to the highest possible standards for the production of premium handmade dog treats and dog cakes.

A little about me…..

With a background in Biomedical Science, Marketing and Sales deciding to go into handmade dog Treats and Cakes seemed just a little off track! However I was inspired through a great love of dogs and one little dog in particular ….Charlie ..the adorable Pug/Jack Russell cross. My work in a laboratory environment has proven a great foundation for ensuring that each treat and dog birthday cake is made to the highest possible standards with quality being an essential ingredient. I have completed a Ballymalloe cookery course (for humans!) and I am currently in the middle of a Canine Nutrition course. Through rigorous research and testing (thank you Family, Friends, Charlie and Bruce) I have identified specific recipes for the Dog Bakery that are guaranteed to make your four legged friend wanting more!

A little about Charlie.....

Charlie is a 4 year old Pug Jack Russell cross that absolutely adores food! He barely takes a breath in 
between bites. He has also been known to finish off the food belonging to Bruce, his boxer cousin, when on his daily visit. Somehow Bruce has allowed his little friend to get away with this over the years! 
Charlie also tends to be very excitable (also known as a dog with a very unique personality!). I noticed when I fed him certain types of wet food to mix with his kibble he would get even more agitated or worse he would get sick and/or a very loud grumbling stomach.The key factor to these changes, for Charlie, was the quality of what I fed him. The less meat content in the wet food coupled with a long list of additives and preservatives changed his behaviour. This is why the handmade food, treats and cakes that I make in Premium Canine have no additives or preservatives and the wet dishes have only a high quantity and quality of human grade meats. This makes Charlie and other dogs very happy!